Feudo del Biviere is an eco-resort located within the natural reserve "Cave of Santa Ninfa", established in 1996 and managed by Legambiente Sicily.

The reserve is lays down on a vast karst plateau, which goes far to Poggioreale, place of great geological interest, landscape and nature, characterized by the presence of numerous caves and karst formations. Some caves can be visited with organized tours made of expert guides of Legambiente.

The area lays in the municipalities of Santa Ninfa and Gibellina, near Trapani. The protected area includes an extensive area for about 140 acres.

The area of Biviere, once covered mostly by stain and Mediterranean forests, today is dominated by the vineyards and forest stands. On the hilly areas and the steep chalky walls survive dense nuclei of Mediterranean brush and “gariga”, characterized by the intense scent of thyme and wild orchids flowering. In the valleys there is a lush riparian vegetation, with tall poplar trees, willows and elms, a great interest for the high diversity of flora. The area can be visited by trekking.

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