“Good food and good wine is paradise on earth.”
Henry IV

The kitchen of the Feudo is based on the research of raw materials, natural local products. The dishes and the menu of the Feudo are inspired by the local cuisine which are strongly affected, more than in other areas of Sicily, by a strong "contamination" of Arabic influence.

A simple and refined cuisine that delights the palate and satisfies mind and spirit. The kitchen of the Feudo is appreciable in breakfasts, light lunches and in the formula "gourmet dinners” with a tasting menu based on four courses and four associated wines selected from the wine cellar.

Feudo del Biviere is also the right place to learn the secrets of Sicilian cuisine; in our catalog are contained the following courses for the preparation of food and to preserve something typical:

  • Pastas and sauces of the Sicilian tradition
  • Sicilian bread
  • The typical cakes
  • The preparation of dried and canned stew
  • Sicilian Rotisserie oven-fried.