Feudo del Biviere welcomes its guests in a typical country house environment: a large dining room with a single central table, where all the diners share their dinners and breakfasts in winter. The table becomes an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends and new cultures.

The restaurant of the Feudo offers the traditional Sicilian cuisine, but with the strongest influence coming from the province of Trapani. The Chef offers subtle and polite contamination to innovate and enhance the raw products, all chosen from the territory. “Organic” is a lifestyle to ensure not only health, but sustainability and protection of the land and of those who live it, even at the dining.

The kitchen of the Feudo is appreciable in breakfasts, light lunches and in the formula "gourmet dinner” with a tasting menu based on four courses and four associated wines selected from the wine cellar. Dinner is eaten by everyone at the table, with own time and fixed flow rates: this is a unique experience to mingle with other guests of the Feudo.