A wide basin covered by vineyard and olive trees, surrounded by the smell of pine trees. A place where you can rediscover the colors and smells of a nature that changes with the passing of seasons. The spring Greens change into the yellow of summer, into the earth Browns in autumn, all under a sky that changes between the blue during the day and cobalt quilted by stars in the night.

The gentle rustling of the trees and the chirping of cicadas and crickets will accompany you in a gentle and relaxing stay away from the stress and noise of everyday life. Among these green hills you will find a corner of Sicily and the whole essence of the South.

The Valley is not only a portion of the natural reserve of Santa Ninfa, it is also a source of tastes and smells: wine and oil are produced from the Feudo itself. The Valley is not only the arrival, but the starting point of an experiential journey.