The Sicilian nature finds its maximal expression in the countryside: Mediterranean brush and olive trees are mixed and find their order only in the human government. In the middle of this, Feudo del Biviere is ready to welcome its guests and to provide them a relaxing oasis full of taste, silence and slow living.

Here luxury is only whispered, in the still you will enjoy the gentle sounds of the countryside, the song of the cicadas during the sunny days, the serenades of crickets in the cool summer nights, the wind whisper among the leaves of the trees and the vineyard. Time is the most important thing, that time that almost nobody has more: time to enjoy food and drinks, time to listen to old and sweet melodies, time to appreciate and experience the elegant simplicity of a country retreat.

Our hospitality will welcome you like a warm hug, familiar and discreet. Your stay will be an exciting moment of relaxation, surrounded by the smell of the countryside and the silence of nature.